stinkygato asked:

Came across y'all's blog today. 1. Dude, I would kill to look like you. You have an awesome physique. 2. Assuming I got away with #1, I would kill again to have a woman at my side that looked like yours. Y'all rock

Thank you! We don’t see ourselves like this, so we are genuinely flattered. Thx!

tyndall-pax asked:

I stumbled upon your blog today, I've got to say the both of you are an inspiration. Hedonistic, self-assured, and best of all genuinely in love. That's awesome. If i ever were to have a tumblr role model(s) would probably be you both and this blog. Best wishes and i hope you continue having fun. -Tyndall

Thank you! When we started this we had no idea we’d get such a positive response.. well she does anyway lol. I know the guys on here probably hate me.