n3cromancer asked:

How do you fuck your girl two to four times a day and still have testosterone to hit the gym you don't look like a small d00d so I know you're lifting that big boi weight

Lots of pre-workout drinks and Monster rehabs, preferably pink lemonade lol. I actually think she makes my testosterone higher, that perfect ass running around the house would bring that animalistic sex drive out of anyone!

shinerdude asked:

what kind of steroids do y'all take?

We dont. It’s amazing how is someone is in good shape, they MUST have cheated to get that way. No way they actually watch their diet and work out lol. And BTW you can take steroids all day, but if you don’t work, they don’t work. I also didn’t mean that to come across like I’m being a dick, in case it sounded that way. Just answering the question ;)